Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bridie: The Sew It Yourself Meet Up

So about a month ago now I was on Twitter (no surprise there) just having a read and having a look at what sewing projects Twitter friends were working on when I noticed #lincshour was about to start. Which is an hour on Mondays 8 - 9pm promoting local businesses and events in my area. I decided to but a little tweet about the challenge and blog not really expecting any response. Surprisingly it got quiet a lot of interest, I thought I'd mention an idea I'd been thinking about for a while which was to hold a meet up where people who love sewing and making clothes could meet, chat about sewing, swap tips and ideas. Over tea and cake of course! 

This idea got some great response which was really exciting, I had some brilliant twitter conversations with a lot of creative folks. I do love Twitter when this happens! It was suggested that Rock + Paper + Scissors a great craft cafe and shop, would be the perfect place to hold the meet up. I loved this idea and was very excited when the owner showed interest. 

Oh my this could actually happen.

I popped into Rock + Paper + Scissors and had a chat with the owner who is lovely and seemed just as excited about the meet up as me and had some great ideas. Exciting! 
I started a Facebook group which got great response there seems to be a bit of an underground sewing movement going on in Lincolnshire.
I also made some posters but thanks to my on again off again relationship with technology, took me forever and were far to late to be much use. Defiantly the first thing on my to do list for next time! 

So the 1st of November comes I have my new dress finished (really please with this one it will be in my next post) and feeling really excited and a little nervous. There was no need we had a great turn out for our first meet up! 

A great group of ladies! We drank tea, had cake and talked about sewing projects while looking at some gorgeous books and having a giggle. It was just what I'd hoped it would be! I came away with so many ideas and more books added to my wish list. Its a good thing Christmas is just round the corner! 

Everyone seemed excited about our next meet up! Which will be on the 13th of December as the Christmas market is the week before. We're going to have a fabric and pattern swap which will be good as I have so many patterns I don't have a clue what to do with. It being so close to Christmas I'm looking forward to hearing about any festive projects folks have planned.

If your interested in our group take a look at our Facebook group for more details.

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