Friday, 10 July 2015

Bridie: The Delphine Skirt

This is a project I finished quiet a while ago and have only just gotten round to blogging about it. I think I need to start sewing project and blogging filing system! What I really need is Laura to come round and organise me like when we were back at uni. Unfortunately I don't think that's going to happen! 

One of the early Sew It Yourself Meet Ups mini challenges was to make an A line skirt, I thought this would be easy enough for those new to sewing and the more advanced sewers could go crazy with any little extra they liked. 

I decided to use to use Tilly Walnes book Love At First Stitch. I had gotten a copy for my birthday and was looking for any excuse to use it! The front cover just screamed "PERFECT" (in my head I'm singing this) for this mini challenge! 

I found the most beautiful Houndstooth fabric in a lovely mustard yellow almost gold with a slight sheen. It was from Fabric Corner, I believe it was a vintage piece so a limit supply and may have sold out but might be worth getting in touch with them if you're interested in it or something similar. They are really lovely and will go out of their way to help you, I'm so lucky they're on my door step. They are also moving to a much bigger shop very soon which means more fabric (she dances with excitement!). I think my bank balance maybe in trouble! That and my waistline as there will be a cafe along side to! Fabric and cake is a dangerous combo! 

Love At First Stitch is a lovely is a lovely book to work it has clear step by step instructions with amazing pictures alongside . I also really liked the add on techniques, which is great for beginners who want to start out simple and the more advanced can add all the extra finishing touches they like! My only slight issue was that next time I might make a size smaller as the measurements add quiet a lot of ease for me this is however great when you're tummy is a little rounder then usual (we all have those days) and it hides it so well!

I decided to add belt loops and inserted pockets into the side seams, I wanted to push myself for the challenge. Secretly I wanted to win (sadly I didn't).

The fabric was a delight to work with! It did everything I wanted it to, I was a little worried it might be a little thick for the belt loops but it really wasn't!

I hadn't done it on purpose but I'm pretty impressed with my pattern matching! I do love a happy accident!

For the pocket lining I used a beautiful cotton lawn again from Fabric Corner, it looked like it could of been Liberty but half the price! Which is never a bad thing!

Oh I forgot that I also made a belt out of the pocket lining material which had a very cute bow on it. It is also in Love At First Stitch and really finished off the outfit! Sadly I completely forgot to photograph it, sorry!

I absolutely love this skirt it goes with so many things which I didn't really expect as I don't usually wear yellow. But it goes with things I'd buried in my draws because I had no idea what to wear it with (pre challenge days). I've worn it so much I'm even contemplating making a copy to give this one a rest!

Hope you've enjoyed this post! 
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Happy Sewing x