Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Bridie: Making Good Choices

So looking back at my handmade clothes from the past year I've come to realise that I've not been making very wise choices either with the patterns I've been choosing or the fabrics I use which mean that although I love them at the time, the garments I make quickly go out of favour. So this year I plan to make more sensible choices so that I truly have a wearable handmade wardrobe. 

I put together some posters to remind myself of what I need to think about when I'm picking patterns and fabrics. I started by thinking about what my style is.

What is my colour palette? My Autumn Winter colour palette is made up of warm jewel colours with black,dark blues and tan. In Summer I go completely the other way and love bright bold colours.

Think textures. Personally I love to layer up textures I think it gives more interest to an outfit! I'm also terrible at dressing for the weather so the more layers I have on the more I can take off if the weather changes on me.   

Patterns, Solids or Both? I like a mixture of bold interesting usually quiet quirky patterns with solids. As well as large stripes and plaids.

What is my silhouette? I have quiet a slim figure, not particularly blessed in the boob department but they're in proportion to the rest of me so can't complain! My bums got a bit bigger since having a baby but nothing I'm self conscious about. I do however like all women have clothes I feel more comfortable and confident in.
 Above the knee,
Sleeveless or 3/4 length
Fitted bodice
Scoop neck, not too low.
Full skirt.

Fitted or 60s styles
Length, waist or above the knee.

Skinny or wide legged,
High waisted.

Floaty can be worn tucked in or worn out.

Comfort and Practicality, I'm a mum to a very active 3 year old, so being able to move round easily and comfortably are important to me. Its also good to if I look nice to, maybe not smart (defiantly not the type of person you'd find in a pencil skirt and blouse even if I had a conventional job) but I like to look feminine and like I've made an effort even if I really haven't.

Once I know my style I can pick out patterns and fabrics and ask myself the questions in my next two posters. If any of the answers are no I move on and find a more suitable choice. Hopefully this will help me make better choices and means that I'll have garments I can return to and wear with other items in my wardrobe.

If you find this post useful please feel free to use these questions yourself. It's very early days so I will let you know how it works for me in the long run. Hopefully it will it might save me a lot of time and money.

Happy Sewing x 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Bridie: New Year Fresh Start

Hi folks I hope you've had a lovely Christmas and a fabulous New Year. I thought I'd just take the time to have a little catch up as it feels like I've not posted on here or on my Vlog for that matter in a while. I have been sewing (not as much as I'd like) and I'm still very much enjoying the SIY Challenge. It very much just feels like a part of my life now and I don't think I could go back to buying clothes again.

I have however struggled with organizing my life in general. Now I don't pretend to have a hectic work life balance in anyway but I am a full time mum and what with other commitments on top of that I defiantly struggled to give all the things I enjoy equal priority and most defiantly stressed far too much over things that I shouldn't have been. I do that! (usually based on the fear of letting people down)

This new year feels like a fresh start, for a few reasons. For one my little man will be going to nursery a bit more. Which we've decided to spread over the week. I'm so pleased about this I think it will break up the week more for him and for me! During this time I've set myself things to do. One morning will be house work (needs must I'm afraid) one morning I'm going to my favorite cafe/fabric shop to work on my pattern cutting designs and business plans (super excited about that working and being able to get amazing tea and cake, I've thought this through!) the final morning is going to be for vlogging, so I wont have to pray for a long nap time or film in terrible lighting. I've also planned out the rest of my weeks for the next few months. All beautifully colour coded to! Which included everything from sewing and blogging time to putting on washing loads. The aim is to possibly be one of those women who has their **** together!

As well as being more organised with work plans, family and sewing I'm also giving myself some me time. This will most probably be knitting with a face mask on and my aroma steam thingy I got for Christmas smelling of lavender. However I'm also going to give yoga a try as I need to get fit and stop my brain from overloading which it has done many a time this last year (not fun!) I'm starting off with a YouTube 30 day Yoga along thing I'll add a link. Mainly as I'm a little intimidated by classes and extremely uncoordinated! I shall let you know how this goes.

Looking a little insane but feeling relaxed!

As for future blog posts they will be more regular from me I promise and on set days. Heather will still be posting but monthly and showing you all fabulous things shes been making. I should think there will be a lot! 
I'm going to be doing weekly vlogs again as I really enjoy that and I think it's great to be able to chat and show off my make live (kind of).

I hope this explains a few things, if you have any tips on organizing your sewing projects or even life please feel free to share, I'd love to hear them!

Happy Sewing