Monday, 2 November 2015

Bridie: Vintage Inspired Dress

This project was another Sew It Yourself Meet Up Mini Challenge. This Challenge was to make a vintage inspired outfit, we could either use a vintage pattern, vintage fabric or both. So a lot of flexibility with this one!
To start with I wasn't sure what I was going to make! I had quiet a few vintage patterns but most were 80s ones I'd inherited which arn't really my style or the ones that were my style would have been far too small, but after a rummage through my collection I came across this little gem I'd forgotton I had! It was a bit of a star find at a vintage fair only £2, complete and in my size woo! 
So I had the pattern now I just had to find some fabric that would work well with it. 
I took a trip to Fabric Corner, where I found this lovely chevron fabric, I think the bold pattern and colours gives this garment more of a 60s feel rather then 70s which is the era the pattern was from. I decided not to add the sleeves as it was summer and thourght I'd get more wear out of it!
I decided to use a black cotton fabric for the yoke, I felt it needed a bit of contrast from the pattern fabric. I think they work well together! I added white top stitch around the collar and down the seams.

I decided to use red bias binding around the armholes and hem, partly because I hate hemming, partly to save me time on making facings for the armholes but mainly because I think it looks fab!
I managed to pattern match the chevrons quiet well down the front and back seams but struggled to get the side seams perfect! Practice makes purpose I guess, one day I will defeat the mighty chevron! Any tips though would be greatly appreciated though!!!
I am however very please with how neat all my seams are and these were the days before the lovely Ginger came along (my overlocker).
I love how this dress looks on, it looks prefer to wear it with a belt but looks good without to!
Plus whats more I actually won the SIY Meet Up Mini Challenge woo. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Happy Sewing!