Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Bridie: Shift Dress

For one of the first Sew It Yourself Meet Ups I set a mini challenge to make a shift dress. I wanted to keep things simple for people who were just starting to sew and thought it was a flattering silhouette for most people.

I decided to push myself a bit and as I'm working towards creating my own range of patterns I thought drafting my own shift dress pattern and basically using it was a wearable toile, a starting point for a shift dress pattern I will be producing.

I'm happy with the style and look of the dress but it defiantly needs some tweeking.  
I love my combination of fabrics, you can't really see in the pic below but the fabric I used for the collar has a very subtle floral design, it's very pretty. I also sandwiched binding between the collar pieces the way you would pipping, I actually think it would of been better if I'd used pipping. It wouldn't of gone as wonky (technical term). I won't lie I rushed the zip, I've gotten a lot better at concealed zips since I made this dress, its true what they say practice does make perfect (well depending on how tired I am!)  

As usual I added binding to the hemline. I love this technique it adds an extra bit of colour and the hem doesn't warp the way a rolled hem can do, it's quicker to! 

I think next time I make this pattern I'll add darts in the back to give it a nicer shape. I'd also make it longer I miss judged how much fabric I would need thinking a meter would be enough (silly mistake). Needless to say a few inches were sacrificed from the length because I loved the fabric so much.
Still looks cute though!

The fabric is from Fabric Corner

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Happy Sewing X