Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bridie: A Dress For All Occasions

So at the end of October I had a few nice events scheduled in my diary (which is none existent and is really me trying to remember what day it is in my head). Not only was it Halloween but we had decided to celebrate our anniversary on the same night. This is what happens when you have children you have to combine all your celebrations into the nights you can get a babysitter. Also the next day was the first Sew It Yourself Meet Up I had organised. So the challenge was to create a dress that would fit into all three occasions. Luckily the theme for the Halloween gathering we were going to was scary dolls so my plan was to go as a porcelain doll. Which I find terrifying! So I just had to make a pretty dress which meant I didn't have to wear a scary costume for my meal out.

I already had the pattern in mind, it was a cute Simple Sew pattern I got free with issue 4 of Love Sewing Magazine which I get so excited about every month. They have great free gifts, patterns and very clear instructions!           

This pattern requires fabric which is 55-60 inches wide which I struggled to find in a fabric I liked. In the end I feel in love with this beautiful bird and cage fabric which is 100% cotton, but wasn't wide enough so I decided to add a panel around the bottom. I found some ivory fabric which has a subtle leaf design which picks out the leaves around the bird cages. Both are from my local fabric stall The Fabric Corner  which has a great selection and very helpful, friendly staff! I love chatting about sewing projects with them! 

I really enjoyed working with this pattern it was so easy to trace as it isn't printed on tissue paper which makes life so much easier!

The instructions are also very easy to understand and follow, with great working drawings! A great pattern for beginners as well as more advanced sewers!

Once I had cut out my fabric pieces and added interfacing to the facings I sewed in the darts. Then pressed them inwards. After this I attached the front to the back pieces at the shoulders. 

I then zig zag stitch around the edge of the facings. I had initially tried out the over lock stitch for this and started off thinking woo no more need to use my pinking shears on every thing. This was until Fred (my sewing machine) started to get very grumpy and as she's an old lady I thought it best not to push her to much! 

I then sewed round the arm holes and neckline and clipped into the curves then pulled the back pieces through the shoulders to the front. I gave it a really good press after this.

So far so good!

I then added the skirt pieces to the bodice. I had already attached the panel of ivory fabric to the bottom of skirt panels. It was easy to alter the pattern, I simply shorted the skirt pieces so that they would fit onto the bird and cage fabric and the piece I had cut off was now the pattern piece for the bottom panel. I didn't have to worry about adding a seam allowance as  I had decided I was going to use bias binding instead of hemming it.   

I really love the contrast in bold patterns to the more subtle one.

To finish off I sewed up the sides of the dress.

Then added a concealed zip, I'm so proud of the way this one turned out as I've mentioned before me and zips have not had a good relationship in the past. This one turned out almost perfectly.

To finish off I added a royal blue bias binding which I think really brings out the blue of the birds. I also found some shoes in exactly the same colour. I do love it when an outfit comes together.

I love the way this dress fits and I felt so confident in it. 

The back neckline is so flattering!

It was perfect for all the special occasions I had planned and I'd happily wear it just going to the shops I love it so much. I am defiantly going to be making it again!  

Happy sewing! x

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  1. This is just fabulous! The fabric is sooo cute and I love your idea to add a band at the hem.