Monday, 2 June 2014

Laura: Recycled Checked skirt

Apologies for the lack of photos in this blog post, I seem to get too carried away with sewing and forget the take photos and take notes on what i’m doing so this is going to be a very short post..

I’ve had this checked dress for a fair few years now which I picked up at a £10 per kilo fair which was held at Leeds University. 

It has never fit me and it never will, I just bought it because I liked the colours, thinking and hoping one day I might recycle it and make something new from it.  

Well that day had arrived.... this dress is a size 10 and i’m a size 14 so a lot of work has to be done if I was going to make it fit.  

Firstly I unpicked every single piece, pressed them laid them out on the floor.

I got my 2 block skirt pattern (which I used for my 30 minute skirt)

I started laying pieces on the pattern. A bit of trimming of fabric and we were set to start sewing, it didn’t take long to get all the panels together.  

I dug out a silver zip (which was meant to replace one on some old jeans) I think it gives the skirt a grungy rock look; I just need a black leather jacket!  Some very quick and impatient hemming as I wanted to get it finished and there we have it another skirt whipped up.

The final skirt

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