Friday, 20 June 2014

Bridie: Joining The White Tree Team

So a few weeks ago a new follower popped up on my Twitter. I had a peek at their page and was very intrigued by them, it was a online fabric shop I'd never heard of before. This doesn't happen very often as I have a serious fabric addiction and spend many a night looking at fabric online, then inevitably dreaming about fabric. This new follower was White Tree Fabrics.

I sent a tweet saying thank you for following and got a reply back saying they were looking for sewing bloggers to join their blogging team and were we interested. Well this was exciting! I quickly got in touch with the girls and explained it to them about White Tree getting in touch, this took a few attempts as its not easy to do while excitedly typing on Facebook. The girls of course were just as thrilled as I was especially after looking at the website. You seriously need a few hours and a cup of tea to take everything in, there are so many beautiful fabrics on there! So I got back in touch and I'm very happy to say we are now members of the White Tree blogging team.

So the girls and myself have been searching through their website getting inspiration and ideas for our first White Tree projects. Believe me it took a while I wasn't kidding about the size of the website! I was amazed at the selection, jersey, chiffon, satin, stunning lace I could go on. There are over 500 sewing patterns to so we had a lot of options!

Just a few of their stunning fabrics doesn't really do it justice just how many fabrics they have to choose from. Ditsy chiffon, warm jersey and just one of the many laces they have to offer.

Here's a peek at my 1st White Tree project I have planned. I'm making posh PJs in peach and ivory crepe back satin. Very excited the pyjamas I've owned are usually flannel and shrink in the wash not a great look!

So excited to start sewing them!

White Tree have also very kindly set us up with a discount code for our lovely readers. It's for 20% off and free post and packaging. The code is SIY Challenge. We'll include it at the end of all our White Tree posts as well as links to the fabrics and patterns we use. 

Happy Sewing.


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  2. So excited to see what all of you make :) Just sending a sewing pattern out to Laura, and some fabric for you Bridie, later today - yay! :)