Monday, 2 June 2014

Laura: 30 Minute Skirt

The trick to a quick sewing project is
  • A easy sewing fabric for example; black jersey stretch  
  •  A very basic pattern
  • An overlocker.

This skirt I whipped up was made from some black jersey, it’s unbelievably soft and so easy to sew to say it’s a stretch fabric. 

The simple pattern was a close fitting 2 piece dress block, which I just used the skirt part. I cut the front panel on the fold to save fabric space as I only had ½ metre.

I used my over locker to sew the skirt panels together. TIP: I find that with stretch fabric the over locker stops the fabric from shifting during sewing plus the zigzag stitches of an over locker does not restrict the fabric from stretching when it’s being worn.

I finished the skirts waist and hem with long zigzag stitches. TIP: this allows the skirt to still stretch which means there was no need to put in any fastenings making this a quick sewing project.

The final skirt styled with a floral top and a shiny black skinny belt.  So there we go the quickest skirt I have ever made, I think I will definitely be making this again I have some navy blue jersey that has been sat in my fabric box for years now.

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