Monday, 29 September 2014

Jo: 90's Skater dress

Four months into the challenge, and the past few months I have come to a bit of a stand still as I was moving house, doing exams, catching up on uni work and working 50 hour weeks. 
*Que the worlds smallest violin.*
However, after all of that stress, the best way to take my mind off it is to get into a situation where I want to burn my fabric and throw my sewing machine out of a window. 

So heres what I've been making. A few weeks ago I gave up on summer and got all of my winter jumpers out, and ever reliable British weather decided to throw out some more glorious sunshine. Excuse to make a cheeky summer dress. I've had this fabric for ages and loved the colour. I noticed a trend of 90's style skater dresses emerging over summer and the pattern is so simple. So out came the pattern master, blocks and pattern paper. Done, basic shift dress pattern.

Now to cut out.

I will always recommend and suggest pre-washing fabrics and ironing out the creases before you cut out your pattern pieces, however, I am a very lazy sewer who likes to cut corners, I also needed to leave the house in an hour, so I had to get a move on if I wanted something new to wear. 

Please forgive me for my lack of mid sewing pictures, but first I tacked and sewed the darts, then side seams, followed by shoulders and finally hemmed. 
The finished result, Im really pleased with it and will now be handing the pattern over to my mom so she can try to make her very first dress. 

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  1. I love this challenge. What a great idea! This is a great dress; I can't believe it only took an hour :-)