Friday, 5 September 2014

Bridie: Pattern Pages Jackets

Firstly I'm sorry I've not been blogging as often as I'd like to, life with a small baby sometimes means sleep is just too appealing no matter how much I want to stay up all night and sew! I've not fallen off the challenge wagon though and back on top of my sewing projects and intend for it to stay that way! This may be wishful thinking I do love my sleep!

A few weeks ago I got chatting to a lovely lady called Julie on Twitter, Julie is the founder of a website called The Pattern Pages which aims to be your one stop shop for all your dressmaking needs. It has great tips, look books of trends and patterns and a wide selection of Burda patterns. 

Julie asked if I'd like to try out one of their Burda patterns and I obviously jumped at the opportunity. Looking through the patterns I eventually found this great little jacket with a choice of two styles. I thought it would be a great joint project with the girls to see how different your garments can turn out even using the same pattern. I mentioned this to Julie and she kindly sent us a couple of copies of the pattern below. Burda 7213

I decided to go with the oriental style jacket as I had the perfect fabric to go with it.
This beautiful vintage fabric which has an almost Egyptian style pattern in lovely muted colours and gold.

I loved the pattern but decided alter it slightly by flaring out the back and leave the front open with no fastenings.  

This went well but because I'd made the back piece bigger I didn't have enough fabric to cut it on the fold. So instead I decided to make a feature of the back seam by using a turned and stitched seam and using a contrasting purple thread for the top stitching. 

I love it when things you hadn't planned to do look great. Hint always pretend that its a design feature! 

Next came my old friend the collar. As you may of seen in previous posts collars and me do not usually get on! I have spent many a night wanting to pull my hair out trying to figure out where I've gone wrong! This one was a really quiet simple shawl collar so was pretty much stress free!

For the facings I had some lovely purple fabric which matched my top stitching perfectly. Again another happy accident, I do love it when that happens!

I'm really happy with the out come and love wearing it! I find myself walking down the street willing people to ask me where I got my jacket from just so I can say "oh this I made this "

Thanks again to Julie from The Pattern Pages!

Keep your eyes peeled for more variations of the same pattern created by my fellow challengers.

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