Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bridie: Project Runway Purple Playsuit

So back in May (I know a while ago now) myself and Heather went to the Big Simplicity Blogger Meet Up. Which was a fabulous day, we learnt so much and met lots of lovely people including Lucy from Sew Essential who asked if we might like to do a post featuring they're fabric. Off course we jumped at the chance. When I came to look at their website I was very impressed with how easy it was to look around and thrilled with the beautiful fabrics they have. Although that did make picking a fabric difficult, eventually I found this beautiful John Kaldor fabric which I thought would make a fabulous playsuit. So then began the search for a playsuit again this also took me a while there are a surprising amount of playsuits on the website. The one I eventually decided on was Project Runway Simplicity 1158. I was originally going to make the V neck version but decided as my shoulders are unable to hold anything up with out help, I thought to save any embarrassing flashing situation I went for the sleeveless halter neck version, much more sensible for me! 

Unfortunately life got in the way of me starting this project when I had planned to. I was asked by a friend to help out with some costumes as she had been dropped in it. Of course i said yes and we had a laugh doing it but not being able to sew what I wanted to (especially as everything I was sewing was beige and I NEED colour in my life!) did send me a bit loopy! I mentioned this and my issues with anxiety in my previous Vlog if you fancy a look.

So when I finally did get to work on this project it was a sheer joy. I thought the fabric might not play ball as it has a sheen, but to my delight bit behaved beautifully! Although I had to make sure i was careful when it came to the right and wrong side of the fabric, there was a difference although only a slight one. I would suggest working in a well lite room when working with this fabric. 

I would say the pattern is good for intermediate sewers or beginners who want to go up a level. I found it a nice way to get back into proper sewing, I had to make sure I read the instructions properly although as always with commercial patterns that doesn't always help! Although once I'd figured out what they were trying to tell me (especially when it came to the pockets) it came together very nicely!   

I am so pleased I think I picked the perfect pattern for this fabric and I'm so glad I went for the halter neck version although its hard to do up if you don't have help. I faced the arms with cream bias binding which I think works well.

The neck tie at the back is a really pretty feature, I think if I'd used a more shinny fabric I'd be worried it would come untied but because this has a textured feel it holds well.

My favorite part is of course the pockets, got to love a pocket! Another nice feature is the elasticated waist, as a mum I'm all for being comfortable with out looking frumpy which I think this does very successfully.

So here it is I love that it works well in Summer but also Autumn with thick tights and layered up. I thick it goes well with the colours I wear in Autumn which tend to be jewel colours, tan, black, and khaki. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post, I'll be doing a twirl in this playsuit in my neck Vlog so keep your eyes out for that, you might get a better idea of how it wears.

Happy Sewing x  

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  1. It does looks great. The neckline is very beautiful. Nice colors too.