Thursday, 26 February 2015

Laura: Burda Jacket

Hi everyone I've not posted anything in such a long time now. I have been making plenty its the writing part I find difficult, So this is the first of hopefully a lot of posts of what i've been busy making.

This is my version of the Burda Jacket pattern.(Bridie made one from the same pattern late last year) I chose to make the boxy jacket out of the two, which turns out boxy doesn't suit me so I ended up making it fitted by putting darts and more seams in.

I made the bottom one. (photo stolen from Bridie sorry)

The pattern was nice to work with very simple instructions, I'd say one for a beginner. I altered the pattern quite a bit actually, I made the sleeves puffed and 3/4 added bust darts and seams in the front and back to reduced the bulk to it and make it fitted. I made the collar all in one and missed out the collar stand (my attempt at making it casual)

So the first photo I took was of the jacket bodice made up. The fabric I used was white cotton with a faint white swirl pattern, which you can only see when close up.

The collar top stitched on without the stand. (looks a bit dirty in this picture but I assure you its not)

I then top stitched the patch pockets on, i'm loving top stitching recently. I then set to work on the sleeves which I altered so that they were slighty puffed & now 3/4 length

Setting the sleeve in is pretty fiddly 

And finally the hem, which I ended up machine stitching because my hand stitching is just awful.

so here it is the finished jacket it looks so much better on...

See I told you looks better on, Styled with a pair of dark skinny jeans, black vest top and leopard print heels and done.

This photo just shows how long ago I made this for 3 reasons;

1, I  have a tan because it was summer then
2, I have a fringe which has now grown out which I am now tempted to put back in.
3, I no longer have that phone in fact I upgraded it in September

I promise I won't be this lazy in writing up posts in the future.

If you fancy making this jacket Or the one Bridie made the pattern is from

Thank you for reading 


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